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Food and Beverage

Insurance for Food and beverage companies

TGA Cross Insurance is one of the region's leading insurance brokers for food and beverage processing and food distribution companies. Our success within the food industry is in direct correlation to our understanding of your operations and our unique ability to convert your exposures into a sound risk management and insurance program.

The food and beverage industry represents many potential types of exposures and losses to an insurance company. Insurance companies often times do not comprehend to what extent quality control plays in the day-to-day operations of food companies. This misunderstanding creates misconception and fears on the part of insurers.

Our role as your insurance broker is to translate a company's fear into an understanding and underwriting enthusiasm towards your company's exposure to loss. We have accomplished this task with several insurance companies. These insurers are now prepared to amend standard coverage forms with our proprietary policy language to provide broad coverage terms not available from other agents, brokers or companies. This has been accomplished only through the efforts of TGA Cross and our understanding of your industry.

For example, a contamination of your plant and/or products by E-Coli bacteria, salmonella, or other foreign substance could force the FDA, USDA, or your own corporate personnel to close down your plant. Closure due to contamination perils are generally excluded by the property and casualty insurance industry and not covered by standard industry coverage forms. Our coverage forms cover the direct damage as well as business interruption exposures generated by losses of this type. It is only through our expertise and familiarity with food processing operations that we are able to offer modified policy forms to cover such exposures.

Our expertise and understanding of your industry and insurance enables us to identify the specific risks associated with food processing firms. A few other examples:

  • Product Recall coverage for Class I, II and III type recalls, market rehabilitation and loss of income due to recalls;
  • Contingent business income coverage and exposure and exposures generated by outside processing and storage facilities;
  • Contractual liability issues for both property and product recall coverages;
  • Private label specification errors and product recall considerations;
  • Worldwide product recall and product liability coverages;
  • Enhanced business income forms for dependent and recipient properties;
  • "Change in Atmosphere" coverages for livestock, poultry, and perishable products.

The role of TGA Cross Insurance in working with your company is to utilize our industry expertise to continually develop and refine your insurance and risk management programs.