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Creative Solutions to Complex Problems



Managing risk is an extremely complex task.  Every industry group and every individual company possess its own unique exposures and potential pitfalls. In fact, the success or failure of your operation could very well hinge on your ability to identify, assess and manage these exposures.  In this day and age, Risk Management has clearly become a full time job.  At TGA Cross Insurance we understand that not every business can employ a full time Risk Manger which is why we have built our company based on a "client needs" concept.  We specialize in learning your business, working with you to identify your exposures and developing an insurance program that helps to minimize your risk,  allowing you to focus on growing your business.  

We start with a comprehensive review of a company's operations in order to accurately identify any and all exposures that may pose a risk. Who buys your product or service? How could the product or service fail in its warranted function? Are you signing contracts that may increase your exposure?   TGA Cross Insurance understands these issues and works with you to make sure you are aware of the everyday risks your business may encounter. Next we look to develop a comprehensive insurance program that addresses your exposures and also fits your budgetary constraints.  

At TGA Cross Insurance we feel no two insurance programs are identical.  Essentially, we provide Creative Solutions to your Complex Problems.

By working with you to identify your exposures, we can develop strategies and solutions to better protect your company and employees.




Not all insurance policies are created equal; sounds simple but is an extremely important concept of which to be aware when purchasing your insurance.  Insurance companies come in all sizes and shapes, and the type and quality of insurance products they offer vary widely as well.  Many insurance buyers look to purchase their insurance strictly based on price.  However, what seems to be a good fit may not be so once you look closer. Quite often the lowest price comes with the least amount of protection. 

TGA Cross Insurance will work with you to identify optional insurance programs so that you can choose the level of protection that is realistic to your budget.  Carrying private company D & O while underinsuring your building is not an optimal choice.  We will help identify strategic areas of your program so that you can make informed, quality decisions and not gamble on your pgram without knowing all the outcomes.


VALUE VS. COST Thomas Gregory Associates


The insurance industry can be a very complex puzzle, one not easily solved by casual interaction.  What is a good fit of pieces between a carrier and one of your peers may not be a good fit for you.  Times change, especially in today’s market, and insurer’s appetites for certain risks can swing back and forth like a pendulum.  Given current economic conditions, having a large selection of insurers to source coverage from is critical to finding you the right coverages at the lowest expense.  TGA Cross Insurance has direct contracts with over thirty insurance carriers, and is considered a highly respected partner with each of them.

TGA Cross has a track record of top-level service to thousands of clients within the small business, middle market, and national account segments.  We understand that when you partner with us you are entrusting us with an aspect of the financial well being of your business.  We take that trust very seriously.  We have remained an independently owned firm so that we can service you in the manner you expect and not in a manner dictated to us which would be the case if we needed to answer to an international banking conglomerate, Wall Street money manager, or some other owner with only passing interests in the insurance sector. 

We answer to you.  


Creative Solutions to Complex Problems.


Your problems.


Our solutions.


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